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As you can see on screenshots, the results are AMAZING!!!! To achieve it, follow the steps below, and you will be up and running in no time!

Step 1

Sign up with TrafficAdBar if you haven’t done it before; you can do it by clicking  Here.

Step 2

Sign up with Otohits. If you haven’t got account yet; you can do it by clicking Here.

Step 3

Download Otohits Application. Rest assured that it is a genuine software of highly reputed site and works fine with no fault whatsoever.

Step 4

Add your favourite links to TrafficAdBar. In advertising area you can see your ads listed there. Now the trick is to get your TrafficAdBar link which you get after adding a link. It looks like this:

Step 5

Advertise TrafficAdBar links on Otohits website. When your app browsing others ads, others browsers hitting yours. It scores you points whenever you have a hit which are exchanged for auto views. Don’t run just yet… Whenever you get hit on your TrafficAdBar link you are getting TrafficAdBar points because you are displaying TrafficAdBar‘s Ad Bar on the bottom advertising their business. Your TrafficAdBar points are now exchanged for real views.

Step 6

The last step is just a few adjustments on the OtoHits website. The website itself is user friendly, and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding anything. Go ahead and click on things; you won’t break anything. All you have to do is to set up the duration of the views on your Otohits links. Set it on 10 seconds as it will maximise the value of OtoHits points. It translates to 1 point per second, and trust me; this makes a significant difference. Remember to set the auto-assign option in settings. It will ensure smooth delivery of hits to your links 24/7. You will find a sidebar and ‘Achievements’ menu; there is a list of achievements that you will score while surfing. The more you surf (your computer, of course) more extra points you will get. Also, with every achievement, you will gain an additional slot for a new site of your choice, so you add another TrafficAdBar link and enjoy even more hits.

Step 7

Run your Otohits application whenever you can. If you’ve got a decent machine, it will work in the background with no problems whatsoever. For example, an old 6 GB Ram machine run OtoHits effortlessly and delivers around 9000 TAB hits every day.

You can also get Otohits Companion app for your mobile or tablet. Just search it out on the app store or get a link directly from the site.

There are many auto-surf browsers out there, but not all will be safe or work with TrafficAdBar.

We hope you will enjoy and use wisely this vast resource of organic traffic. If you have questions or need more help, please use the comments box on the bottom.

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